Masking doesn't stick on bamboo

Soooo… do you mask bamboo cutting boards? or do something to prep them? my mask just falls right off of the cutting boards!

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A quick sanding with 220 grit paper (I use a random orbital sander) and then press the masking onto the board using a squeegee.

Or skip it altogether and sand it afterwards if it’s for a cutting board since you’re going to oil it anyway (mineral oil & beeswax are good).


makes sense. thanks for the fast reply!


I do this with lots of hardwood projects. The masking process is somewhat irrelevant except to prevent some flashback when cutting, since I’ll be sanding and finishing the final result anyway.

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For that I just drop a sheet of basic office copier paper in first. Any flashback gets the paper & not my wood and it’s a lot faster than masking.


I use 12x12" cardstock, myself.

Flashback isnt a problem on a bamboo cutting board, I pity the fool that tries cutting through it with a laser. :slight_smile:

Skip the masking. The dust/soot isnt going to stick to the cutting board either! Bamboo is a grass, not a wood, so it does not produce the same sticky resin that woods do. Some water and a nylon bristle brush are all the clean-up you need after the fact.


^^^This. Skip the masking and just clean it off. :slight_smile:


No masking. Surface marks clean off just like food stains.