(Mass Printing) Product Pricing

Hello Forgers!

So im just curious on how you guys go about formulating the price per item.

For example Im making Display Stands for my Crystal & Mineral Business. Multiple Layers etc.

To make 6 complete stands, its using roughly 2 boards (Proof grade @ $16 per board = $32 + 1/4 of proof grade thick board = roughly $5 total of about $37 in materials) total print time is about 130minutes.

Im personally not really worried about charging a design fee for this, they are my original designs and take aprox 1-3 hours to design but they are mass production files, no customization available etc.

Ive read online a very wide range of cost per hour to operate lasers and what’s recommended to be charged per minute to cover cost of usage etc.

Ive also read some just use a multiplier of materials and don’t worry about laser time unless its a very time intensive project.

based on that given info what would you all recommend pricing each stand at?

(Product Material Cost = $37) X (Multiplier) + (Cost Per Minute) X (Time)?

Thanks in advance!


This has been discussed quite a few times on the forum. If you search for “pricing” or “charging” you’ll find a few hits.

Here is one of them:

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