Materia: Cool site for sexy, innovative materials


I’m kind of in love with, a really beautiful resource site for designers. They showcase a ton of incredible, high-end materials that can be ordered in bulk, and you can request samples of most of them (though they don’t always say yes to the requests). They have a newsletter that I look forward to every month–it showcases some pretty amazing stuff that I either lust after as a supply or that inspires me to do something similar.

Here are some things they’re featuring this month:

Leather wall tiles, including laser-etched ones and stamped ones (that could be stamped with a laser-cut Delrin stamp)

Sheets of tennage (Japanese-style hyper-thin inlaid wood veneer) that are so flexible that one of the recommended uses is handbags

Barktex, a fabric made from the bark of a Ugandan fig tree and a water-based resin of some kind.


very intriguing


Cool! Will probably drop a few $$$ there!:relaxed:


I s want the Japanese inlay. I think I’ve also seen it called Yosegi? Or am I wrong


I’m really interested in the Barktex–it looks so much like leather but has really interesting variations.


Yes, that’s what I thought it was. Can’t figure out “tennage”. All that comes up is teen chat stuff, which I guess is a thing. Boy, am I old.


Try adding “material” and/or “fabric” to the search. You’ll get a few more hits, still trying to figure it out as well.


Ok. Got it figured out: tennâge is woven wood and thread composite. Google was a pain because it assumed I misspelled “teenage” and gave me some weird results. Yikes!


It can be a very frightening/disturbing world out there!!!

Being a hobbyist without a business, can make it exceedingly difficult to find cool materials to explore with.


The last news update for that site was in 2009. I wonder why the material didn’t become more popular ( or hasn’t become more popular)… I was tipped off when they showed the ipod classic case lol.


Here is another cool product they are showing that it might be possible to replicate with the GF. Flexible wood as soft as leather?


Thanks for sharing.