Material didn't measure & actual flames when cutting acrylic

I continue to get the “Material didn’t measure” prompt when I start my cut. I don’t understand why I am continuosly getting this message as I have made sure all lenses have been wipped clean. My matrerial does still cut and the only problem I have had is that my cuts don’t always go 100% through my materials. Can someone help me make sense of this?
I am also getting more flames than I am comfortable with when cutting acrylic, is this normal? Or how would I correct that issue?

Excess flames would indicate a dirty air assist fan. Problems with the set focus could be that the windows on the underside of the printhead need to be cleaned. Clean optics and fans are always the first step in troubleshooting.


I have actually just replaced two of the fans and have cleaned. So what’s my next step?

Have you changed masking on the acrylic? Sometimes it is the masking that flares.

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is there masking on the acrylic? How thick is the acrylic?

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