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I recently bought a type of faux leather and need help with the settings so it does not engrave too deep into the leather any tips??

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Faux leather can be extremely dangerous to burn in your Glowforge. It can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Vinyl is a hidden component in a lot of faux leathers that most people aren’t aware of. If the vinyl contains PVC (most do) then you can literally corrode your machine on the inside, and damage yourself if your venting is not good.

So the first thing you need to test is the safety of the faux leather, and you don’t do that in the machine. There’s a burn test here that people use…it’s not perfect, but it will keep you from doing damage:

You would need to test a piece of the faux leather for a green flame. If it’s green, don’t use it in the Glowforge.


If it turns out your faux leather is safe to laser, it would be helpful to know a bit more about it. There are suppliers that have laser safe leather like products, so maybe settings for those items would be comparable. Can you provide additional information about your faux leather?

Given the risk I don’t even touch faux leather unless it’s from Johnson plastics or trotec and made specifically for lasering.


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