Material, machine or software?


i’ve been using the infamous orange rubber stamp material – 3 sheets worth, and i’ve been running into disparity in material removal. there are these raised blackened areas that have hard edges which at least mimic nearby angles and contours that just don’t seem to burn at the same rate versus fully removed areas that are the color of the base material. i would use the analogy of knots in plywood not burning out as quickly. however, the lines of these areas really make me thing “g-code artifact”. has anyone seen something like this?

material obviously is highly unlikely as it conforms to the design. perhaps it’s defocusing from something physically moving the lens relative to the material? or, is there something fooling the vary power setting?

Try on proofgrade draftboard. Do you see the same artifacts?

I have never tried cutting rubber. is it very smoky? I agree with @timjedwards that you should test with an other material like Draftboard.

this is a “laserable” rubber used for stamp making. not much smoke, but it does produce a dubious amount of powdery ash which needs to be cautiously disposed of. this particular job ran three passes on the engrave, and each pass had a different set of raised sections. i’ll check with draftboard.

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