Material recommendation?

Does anyone know where I can get material similar to the veneer that is available from Glowforge, but with a black finish instead of wood? With the 3M adhesive on the back.

Could try a Woodcraft store. Just guessing. I saw some veneers there, but didn’t really browse through much.

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are you looking for an adhesive-backed wood veneer that is finished in black instead of natural?
or are you looking for a thin, somewhat flexible, adhesive-backed black plastic?

plenty of the plastic suppliers are more than happy to apply a sheet of adhesive to the back of the products that they sell. You might need to call and talk to someone in person though.

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i haven’t seen the colored veneer with adhesive. that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, but i don’t think it’s common if it does.


As mentioned, plastic “veneer” is fairly common in the engraving world. Here’s one:

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And Amazon sells sheets of the 3M adhesive (double sided) so you can stick it on any material you want. That stuff really stinks when laser cut though.

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Thank you all for your input. I requested a sample of a black plastic with adhesive from Johnson Plastics. Hopefully that will work it.

I need to use it to fill a spot on a control panel. I made a test piece with the walnut veneer and it worked great, but the wood doesn’t go with anything else so I’ve been looking for plastic.

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