Material Shipping Time

First off, this post isn’t too complain. I rarely use PG materials, so I’m not used to how long they take to ship…I placed an order of materials 2 weeks ago and it has yet to even ship. Just wondering how long others are experiencing before their material orders ship?

Again, I’m not complaining, I understand the impact the pandemic has on supply chains, and I also realize that the shipping and materials are done by an outside company, not Glowforge (hence posting this in Everything Else, not P&S). Thanks!


I can say it all depends. Generally ships and received with 7 to 10 days. If your is like mine, I ordered PG Draftboard back on 11/11, they issued the tracking number on 11/16, with a delivery date of 11/17, then they must have ran out of the material thus no order to ship. Finally requested a refund and got it the next day. My supplier/shipper is in Louisville, KY so the past orders I received with 2 days after the tracking number. Tracking number still shows order processed waiting for UPS for delivery on 11/17…

It sounds like they’re having supply chain issues again. I placed an order about a month ago that came a week later

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