Material shortage?

I am running low on materials and went to oder more, but almost everything is out of stock?

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The pandemic has been hard on small suppliers, and the :glowforge: requirements are very specific.
If you’re looking for acrylic you can get that lots of places - just look for cast acrylic (extruded smells worse and doesn’t turn white when you engrave it).
Wood is harder, but there are also suppliers. Glowforge plywood has an mdf core, so if you are looking to duplicate that’s what you’re looking for.
You’ll need to mask things yourself, be sure to pick up something to rub it on with because masking is pressure activated (unlike masking tape)


If you are near a Menard’s they carry a very nice mdf cored oak and maple veneered plywood.

4x8 sheet

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Here’s a good list of places to get material. (Many of them are GF owners who cut their material to fit out machines.) Also notice the several tabs at the bottom for settings, file links etc.



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