Material Thickness - Cannot INPUT info into box! Frozen?

It’s driving me nuts how slow it is to upload a 1" by 2" simple design and cut. BUT when it does FINALLY load, I cannot input anything into the Material Thickness box. Like it’s frozen. Everything else works. But that box is stuck on “Auto” or “0 In”

What gives? I don’t want to waste my material, and need to get some items done asap. Super annoying for my $5000 printer to have issues like this all the time. (Not the first time this happens.)

Sorry for your frustration. I think your file may be the issue with regard to loading. Perhaps you can zip and share the file for someone to take a look. None of my small, simple files are particularly slow to load. As for the focus height issue, what material are you selecting and why would you prefer to input a height rather than use set focus or auto? An option you might consider is to try another browser, or at the very least clear your cache and reopen the app afterwards.

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Are you using the “set focus” tool? If so, the box will gray out and its supposed to as there is no need to input anything after using this tool.

If you are using proofgrade material and the camera reads the barcode, I believe it also grays it out as it knows the thickness of the proofgrade materials.

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Not using proof grade. I never use the set focus tool, thought that was automatic! I’ve only ever added in the material thickness when uncertified, I don’t even touch the focus height in the settings during engraving/cutting on my custom settings! Never had an issue.

Figures though, right after I posted this, everything was normal, faster even… Squeaky wheel gets the oil I guess. lol

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Weird. I always use the set focus tool. If you use it first after putting in the material, and before organizing the artwork, the camera will focus so the layout is more accurate and you never need to know the material thickness.


By contrast I never use it. (Almost never). I prefer to just type it in and be done. Set focus takes a few seconds and isn’t error proof.

As for the speed issue: it’s possible that AWS (Amazon servers which the GFUI runs on [tbh I’m not sure what parts run aws and which run google services, it may be a mix? Someone who knows for sure can say if they’re so inclined]) was having issues but much more likely that your local network was, either your isp or (most likely) your wifi.

Next time I’d do a speed test ( is my favorite) to see if it’s your isp, and if they looks good I’d reboot my WiFi router and power cycle the glowforge. If it’s still being weird then I’d question the file.

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I hope not.


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