Material thickness error

Trying to engrave on the lid of a wooden box, the kind you’d get at a craft store, and I’m getting the following error. !


I’ve stacked the box on materials and things to get a total height of 35mm, and I believe the glowforge crumb tray is 33mm so I’m telling it that its a 2mm surface which seems to have worked in the past. Since I’m engraving on the top of the box I opened the box and set it down on its open face, so the bottom of it is somewhat taller? And I think the glowforge is seeing that and thinking the material is too tall, but I don’t want to engrave on that part, just the top. Can the glowforge tell how tall the items inside the bed are via its camera or is it some other error.

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The current outage may be affecting your issue…
" Investigating - Since 2018-12-21 0805 PST, bed image updates, image correction, height detection, design uploads, prints have all been intermittently impaired to an increased error rate from Google Cloud Storage. We will continue to update once the Google Cloud Storage error rate comes down.


First off, I assume you are trying to engrave without the tray, and the box is laying open end down on the bottom bed of the GF.

If the lower part of the box is taller than 2", then it will be an issue even if you do not intend to engrave on it. The head of the laser could still bump up against it. If you have raised the box at all, this will be even more of an issue.

The crumb tray raises the material about 1.4" off the bottom of the bed. I am not sure what you mean by a 33mm crumb tray.

You may need to disconnect the top from the bottom of the box to do a successful engrave as it looks like the the bottom is at least double the size of the top. If the top is 35mm, then the bottom is at least 70mm or 2 3/4" which is too tall.

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I measured it and it looked like it was about 33mm, which is pretty close to 35mm which is 1.4".

I turned the machine off and made sure the beam head could fit over the end of the box which is higher up. It would still be outside the range that the machine is allowed to print on though.

The machine takes a red dot measurement when you hit print. It goes to a point in your design and measures from there. If it detects that it’s above the min or mix, it will give you the error.


Sometimes, depending on how your design is laid out, the measuring point will be off the side of the object you’re zapping. Another thing to consider, even if only for process of elimination.

As @gmckayca noted, with the box lid open, it’s likely the problem due to taller side you’re not wanting to etch.

Can you unscrew the hinges for the lid–or even it they are nailed in, best to remove the lid from the hinges and you can renail (with some glue) or rescrew (with bit of glue) to hold it together. (the wood may be so soft you have to add something in the hole when you reattach the hinge).

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I’m sorry for the confusion. The objects you use can be up to 2" thick. You will need to put something laser-compatible underneath your material to raise it up so that your Glowforge can focus on your material. For best results, the top of your material should be between 1.5" and 2" high, measured from the metal plate on the bottom.

Please let us know if this helps.

It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it. If you still need help with this please either start a new thread or email