Material thickness stopping upload

This is what it shows when it stops the upload to the glowforge. the board is less than .5 thick! It is new! I just started using it 24 hours ago and all of a sudden it won’t upload to cut.

Did you actually measure the thickness yourself?

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You might try taking the tray out and using this to prop your material up within focus range.

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Yeah, what they said - the tray is about 1.5" and depending on possible warping or oversizing the surface of 1/2" material COULD be too high. Try and remove the tray and prop your material up on something around an inch thick… (I use stacks of books to get various heights and finish with a sheet of foil…)

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Yes. I also put a proofgrade QR code in it and it worked fine. I used a few boards bigger than the one it won’t do and it worked fine. It just stopped doing it.

I’ll give a lift kit a try linefeed! Thanks!

Hi @travlinwig It looks like you’ve been getting some advice from fellow Glowforge owners in this thread. Can you let me know if that has helped resolve this issue? Let me know and I’ll be happy to continue with any needed troubleshooting. Thank you!

I stacked wood on some tiles I have around and it seems to have worked. I still don’t understand how it would would fine and then all of a sudden stop. The board I was cutting was less than .400 so it was smaller. I had burned boards larger and then all of a sudden it told me it was too large. If there might be something else wrong I would love more guidance!

Hi @travlinwig Thanks for getting back to us with the updated information of the prints that were able to be run with the earlier suggestions in this thread. I reviewed the log files to see about the previous prints that failed during the focusing stage. I wasn’t noticing any trending issues that indicate any larger issues, or causes. This may be one off issues with materials affecting the focus. To avoid any potential for this, it can help to run through the following.

Your Glowforge measures the height of your material at the center of your design to determine where to focus the laser. If it can’t measure accurately, it uses the thickness of the material to focus instead. For best printing results:

  • Use Proofgrade materials
  • Use material with a light, matte surface; black, reflective, or transparent materials may not focus properly
  • When you push the “print” button in software, the laser head will move over to measure the material height with a red dot of light; ensure the red dot lands on the material and not on the grate

Also, to manually enter any measured material thickness, you can follow the steps in the link below:

Let me know if you run into any trouble, and I’ll be happy to help address it with any needed troubleshooting. Thank you!

It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it. If you still need help with this please email our team at