Material Thickness

I’ve new to using the Glowforge at the maker space I belong to. I have done a couple of tab boxes with 1/8" and 3/16" birch plywood. I had to play around with the settings but they still got a bit burnt.

I would like to make the “Makers Caddy” design that was today’s give away. For materials it only says wood and acrylics, the drawings say “Thick Material” this would be the wood and “Medium Materials” this would be the acrylic.

I’m not sure what wood was used and how thick is thick? For the acrylic what thickness is “Medium”

Does the thickness vary with different woods? Is there a listing somewhere? I know when I go to cut the material I can chose but it would be nice to know first so I can buy the right material. I’m an engineer so I’m use to using real values.


In GF Proofgrade lingo “medium” means approx 1/8" thick and “thick” refers to their approx 1/4" thick materials (except for leather, that’s a whole different thing)


Great, thanks for the info


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