Material we can cut

Can we cut into metal and glass or just etching?


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A CO2 laser will not cut metal. It can mark metal in a variety of ways, using a chemical agent that reacts with the metal under heat, for example.

The Glowforge will etch glass (actually create microfractures and flake bits of it off). Some folks prefer the results from cutting a mask with the laser and, using etching paste.

Both of these topics have been discussed at quite some length. Search can help you find that. e.g.,:


Everyone’s giving solid advice here. For a few more details, check out this post, particularly numbers 11, 4, 6, and 2.


Will it etch on bamboo and/or cut through it?

You can engrave bamboo. Bamboo less than 1/4" can be cut, but bamboo is very finicky so it might be a challenge.


So… this was mentioned earlier:

You don’t need to run down the list and ask about all possible materials, you can get all your answers via search. It’ll save you a ton of time waiting for replies.


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