Material will cut but not engrave

Hi everyone, I am trying to engrave a flag onto non prograde leather and then cut it out. When I send the file it will not engrave, the laser isn’t even firing during this part of the design and then it cuts the design just fine. I don’t get it, I have tried adjusting the power and speed, still nothing happens.

This is pretty typical behavior for a design that has duplicate objects stacked on top of one another. It effectively knocks out any part that is overlapped, but it still goes through the motions.

I would open it up in your vector editor (Illustrator, Inkscape, etc.) and check to see if you don’t have elements that are duplicated.


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When two vectors overlap, the Glowforge interface cancels out that area, so if you have script text that isn’t “welded” the overlapping parts will not engrave. Similarly a design that has been duplicated and is stacked one on top of the other will be ignored.


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Which design software do you use? In Inkscape you can just select the design and drag it to the side to see if there is a duplicate underneath.


Yes, That was the issue! I had a clear no fill duplicate layer thank you!


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