Materials arrived before machine?


I recently received notification that things were going to ship (yay!). This was around Feb 12th. The materials have arrived, but the machine has not. I know that the materials come from a different fulfillment center, and expected this, but I have not yet received notice that the machine itself has shipped. It’s been about 10 days. I’m curious if this is normal, or if something perhaps slipped through the cracks?

Thanks for any insights on this. If it takes a bit longer that’s ok; I’m quite excited to finally dig into the Glowforge!

  • Aaron

I received my proofgrade about 2 and a half weeks prior to receiving my machine.


I received my proofgrade materials one week before my machine. Others have received the machine before the proofgrade. What they do not have is any sort of feedback mechanism to confirm anything is happening. Their system seems designed to induce anxiety in the one doing the waiting, but I haven’t heard of anyone falling through the cracks.

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Thanks for your input. I shall remain patient!

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Congrats on getting the golden ticket BTW! Hope it arrives soon.

Thanks for posting @AaronK. You should have received an email from us yesterday with more information on the status of your Glowforge!

After we’re alerted you’re ready for your Glowforge, you can expect another email with tracking information within five weeks, although it’s usually much sooner than that.

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