Materials where to find

Im looking to get some draft boards or something else thats good for the glowforge. I was thinking about going to home depot or lowes but wanted the ask the community first how has your experience been with there products?

Im trying to make some mandelas for Christmas gifts but not sure if the boards will come in before the 24th. Any help will be appreciated

I’ve been reasonably happy with this product from Home Depot:

You’ll also find lots searching these forums.


Ditto to @jestelle . I’ve used quite a lot of it and had good luck.


You can also find tons of materials pre-cut to fit the Glowforge on Etsy, e.g.


There is probably a cabinet shop near where you live! Give them a call! They will probably tell you where you can purchase material. I buy my material from a wood supply company that sells to cabinet shops. Good quality, but you do have to cut id down to the glowforge size.


Columbia Forest Products ply is one of my top favorite materials. I order it online, with an order that’s at least $45 - shipping is free and comes directly to me. I don’t think any stores near me have it in stock. (Not sure if any do, I have no idea)


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