Materials with barcode

Hi all,

I saw a video about the materials with barcode that Glowforge should supply in order to cut with one push of a button. I was wandering if those materials will be supplied worldwide. Will there be local suppliers? Because if i see the shippingcost to Belgium for the glowforge it will be to expensive.

If there are no local suppliers is it an idea to share the barcodes and a list of materials so we can create it by ourselfs?

Fyi shippingcost of the glowforge is 478 dollar.

You would not be able to have barcode and material lists shared, because the entire point of the barcodes is to be on material which the team has verified to work reliably with specific settings. In few cases will that mean that the settings will work across distributors, even though the material is labelled as being the same.

In some cases (acrylic), settings should be pretty reliably consistent across manufacturers. In other cases (plywood), settings are guaranteed to vary widely between distributors, especially across national boundaries.

There will be many lists of “starting points” for settings on various materials. I don’t know if anyone would go so far as to produce barcodes, but you can keep a notepad near your printer for very nearly the same effect.

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Can’t easily forward the link, but Dan responded months ago… “The problem is that the whole reason we’re going to be in that barcode/materials business is to make sure you have materials that are predictable, and if anyone can put the barcode on there, the quality control goes out the window. There might be a middle ground though.”

At the moment we don’t have plans for international distributors (of either Glowforge units or barcoded materials).

Are you guys going to support inventables materials?

Inventables’ laser materials will work great, but we’re not planning to support barcodes on material other than what we provide right now.