MaterialWorld (sneak peak from AdobeMax)

This looks really cool. It’s a program that can extract colored texture patterns for placing into images in 3D. examples were things like pebbles on the ground, a crocheted blanket.

but one of the things it’s doing is creating a depthmap of the texture. so… if this ever does come to be a real app, maybe there will be a way to extract just the depth map. which could then be used to engrave texture.


missing link?

there’s no link. it’s only a live view of the conference and the “sneak peaks” won’t be viewable afterward (none of the sessions with “celebrity personalities” can be viewed later and this one has chelsea handler, for some reason).

it sounds like they may post them later on (he just mentioned something at the end of the session). but i don’t know how long that will be.


Rats! I’m missing all of Max since I’m Unreal Fellowship-ing. Thanks for posting these tidbits!

hold up - was it this?

yes! that’s it. not sure how long that will last. may get taken down at the end of the week?

i hate that they use clueless comedians to do this. last year it was john mullaney, who i love, but they just seem lost and not that funny in these sessions. same with Conan O’Brien for the keynote.

celebrities who actually use and/or understand the tools and creative process (like Dave Grohl or M Night Shamalan last year) are different.

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:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It’s always for press/publicity. (I used to work on corporate trade shows - marketing people freak the hell out for celebs)

Is MaterialWorld supposed to be a standalone app in the CC suite or part of the Substance suite? There’s a PBR materials function in the Capture IOS app. I haven’t played with it yet but I wonder if they’re related.

We had Condoleezza Rice give the closing keynote at our IT security conference one year. I stayed the extra night just to see her. Pathetic. So far out of her element it was embarrasing.

Don’t get me wrong, I was a big fan, but please use experts to address experts, not celebrities…


lame to me. i don’t care about bad celebrity appearances (even from celebrities i like). last year Grohl and Shamalan were fantastic. So was Billie Eilish.

i don’t know that any of that is decided. a lot of things in sneaks are 2-3 years away from production. some might show up next year. my guess is it would be part of the full suite. maybe even built into a specific app.

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or, if you’re going to use a celebrity, use one at least tangentially related and who understands/gets your content/audience. and who’s going to prepare.


Exactly, an expert who may happen to be a celebrity…

I’ve always thought I’d like to go to AdobeMax, and was excited to have the opportunity for at least the virtual experience this year.

After catching several sessions and several of the featured speakers I’m glad I never attended in person. As much as I like hanging around with “creatives” I just don’t get it.


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