Maximum head speed when cutting?

Just read my earlier thread, so I’ve nixed this one.

157ipm vector
335ipm raster.

ive heard rumors the pro will go faster. we shall see!


Thanks takitus. Now I have something to work with.

Max speed is 1000, I think.

I take it that’s 1000 magic units/sec ?


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It can be anything! Numbers and measurements and making sense are for the birds :deciduous_tree::bird::cloud: and hardcore engineers.

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1000 in magic units. It isn’t 1000 of anything per second.

If you’re engraving 1000 is 335"/min or 8500mm/min.

When cutting 500 is the maximum and that is 157"/min or 4000mm/min.

500 when engraving is 151"/min, so there are slightly different magic units for cutting and engraving just to make the PG settings appear like total magic and make it harder to make ones own settings.


Thanks, that is good info.
I suppose my original enquiry was to see if anyone had, for example, stood over the GF with a stopwatch, and measured just how long it took to cover the width of the machine.
This was to give me a rough estimate of how long a simple linear vector cut would take to produce, say, a 100 identical pieces.
Bit of time and motion study in advance of getting my GF !


Travel moves are probably faster than the speed you set ,so yes probably the only way is to time some moves. I think the time the GFUI comes up with is accurate so you don’t need a stopwatch.


The figures I have produced come from the conversion spreadsheet that GF published to convert to the old inches per minute numbers. They might not have been accurate speeds either unless somebody has measured them.