May have embellished a little

So I had made some name ornaments for Xmas for some Co-workers, and one wanted a Valentines Ornate heart with her her and husbands name, so I made that (keep forgetting to take pics before I give give stuff out)… Anyways, the other day she comes int my office with a scrap of paper asking if I could “… so something like this…” Here is the scrap…

I thought the squares were scribbles, but then she said"…it’s a flag, like a racing flag, he does motocross…" So I asked “…do you want a motocross theme?” and she replied “…if you can” (so I wrote motocross on the scrap. Then I thought if he races he must have a # so I asked and she said “367” and said if you could put that on it that would be great…"

Anyways, here’s what I came up with from that scrap…

This was on white (melamine I think it’s called) and a bit large - almost 8x10 in. So I made a smaller one on :proofgrade:


Yea- she loved them ! Thank you :glowforge:



One word of caution about melamine. I think it’s like thin Formica? And there have been posts about Formica containing formaldehyde. Which is bad stuff. Just be sure to know the ingredients of man made materials before you laser it.

Yeah, that’s a great improvement on the scribble! :smile:

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Maybe we should turn to you with our ideas! Really nice job!

Really nice expression of a concept!