May / June Update? Air Filter?

It doesn’t look like there was a May update - will there be one soon?

What is the status with the Air Filter - has anyone got one? Can we decide whether our filter gets sent when the date in our dashboard is reached or does it automatically deploy?

Are there any updates to the software (the new Dremel laser cutter can do repeat jobs, and yes I know it costs more…) or anything else noteworthy?

Have all of the non-USA folks got their units?

What’s down the line?


Not that we’re aware of.

Good question. My guess is that it’ll be similar to the unit delivery. You’ll need to accept delivery in the current state and verify your address.

No. Overseas deliveries seem to have been limited to the EU plus Switzerland. Canada, Norway, Australia and many others are still waiting, with predicted dates going to Oct / Nov IIRC.