May Update?



Looks like the May update should be coming along pretty soon, if April’s update date is typical. Will we see it by the weekend?


That depends on what your definition of it is. :wink:


Historically, April 6th… March 8th… February 6th…

I’d say Monday/Tuesday is a safer bet.


Those were also end of the week. I’d say more realistic to expect it next Thursday/Friday. Written and approved takes a few days so if it wasn’t started it won’t be done till next week? Time will tell


April 6th was Thursday. March 8th was Wednesday, February 6th was Monday.

I doubt it would be pushed back near the end of next week.



Fair point I only looked at the last two. I’d rather hear back sooner anyway :joy:


@dan seems to be posting mostly at the end of the day so it will probably be a few more hours before he has a chance to make a comment. I’m hoping for good news since it seems like the general tone of official statements here seems to have been a bit more positive lately. That and it is getting really close to the time when they will know for sure if they can meet the July shipping goal.


Yeah, Dan did a ‘how I work’ a while back. He does all of his best work at night it seems.




Is he The Batman??


My kids tell me I’m a joker.


Kind of like from The Steve Miller Band?


Pretty sure that was my first and only thought.


Me the first week of each month waiting for the newest update…


Especially the crying at the end part. :cold_sweat:



Dan loves a captive audience.


Is it too much to hope that the monthly update is taking a while only because the GF team is crossing t’s and dotting i’s on a big announcement?


That is my hope