Maybe Today?(The GF has landed and I have no time for the forums)


Still haven’t come up with a name… where do I put it… didn’t finish the table for it… AARRGH you would think 2 years would be enough time to prepare!!! I received my shipping notice - This morning (Wed) my :glowforge: ( I like the sound of that … “my :glowforge::relaxed: ) was in California waitin’ for a ride. I figured I had a few days to finalize - sooooo… I check tonight and it said to be delivered 6/1 !!! Thats Thursday - almost today - I haven’t even thought of my name for it… maybe I’ll call it “Bob”…

Anyways - I’m shaking looking at the UPS site at work when I look at the address it’s shipping to… MY address is spelled wrong ! The street name is spelled wrong !!! NOoooooo . I figured I could have been so flustered when I recieved the first notice I gave em the wrong spelling. Nope - the confirmation email from hello@glowforge show’s it “Shipped to:… The correct address”.

So now I’m worried it will be stuck in UPS limbo so I call UPS - spoke to Philipines agent who corrected the Street name ! Yeaaa and say it is scheduled to be delivered Thursday … wooo hooo…

So I wait a few minutes, check UPS and notice that the 2 Box shipment only had the address correction on ONE OF THE BOXES - :fearful: arrrgh… so close - why is this happening. So I call UPS again and get another agent who looks and says ok - I will update the second box (which just FYI was the one with the tray and hose, accessories, etc.) but she then states scheduled to be delivered Friday…

So latest word -It may be in Phoenix tonight… I hope to get it here in Tucson by the weekend !! But need to let work know which date I will ba a few hours late… ( I work at 1330, UPS usually delivers between 1430 and 1800). Going to be monitoring UPS tomorrow morning !!! (Meanwhile need to clear out a temp spot to set it on…)



:squeee: :squeeee: :squeeee:
First to get a production unit???
I’m so excited for you…and Bob is a more than acceptable name…lmao
Are you signed up with UPS my choice?? I was able to gps track my delivery the last time I got a package…it got too early at my office so I tracked it and caught up with the driver so I didnt have to wait till the next day for delivery…


So happy for you and (possibly) Bob!! (“Pigheaded Bob” has a nice ring to it :slight_smile: ) The race is on and you may be the very first to get one, how cool! How nerve wracking with the shipping though, fingers crossed they got it all sorted out.

I’m thinking the Glowforge Flu might be hitting a bunch of folks soon. I know I’ll likley come down with it eventually.


Congrats @PlGHEADED !!! We expect some unboxing porn from you!
Enjoy your GF!


Awesome! You might be first!




Awesome, congrats. Keep us updated.


I would highly recommend “Phil” over “Bob” as Phil is alive in Tucson.

Otherwise CONGRATS!


On a more serious note, I wonder where the misspelling came from? Might be a larger issue that @dan and gf team need to look into so this does not happen to anyone else.


Name it George. Then you can hug it, and pet it…


So I just hopped on the road, gonna zip down to Quartzite/I-10 from Lake Havasu, and see if I cant intercept all the UPS trucks heading into PHX and snag myself a glowforge! :smiley:






It’s in the city on a truck somewhere…


I’m giddy with excitement and its not even coming to my house, nor a city near my house .:squee::squee:


wow, congrats!!! but oh man, I can completely imagine the panic upon seeing your misspelled address…can’t wait to see some unboxing pics! :tada:


On behalf of the Glowforge team - any updates?!!?!


I was gonna ask him too, but I figured he was too busy playing. I know I would be.


Also - name suggestion: FirstForge (since…I think yours might be the first production unit to arrive!)


Latest update - 4 1/2 late for work . no truck no packages…:sob: Between UPS and my luck -t’s probably in someones basement engraving already… Otherwise still riding around in 98 degree truck for the past 8 1/2 hours…