MDF soot many pieces with tabs


I have probably 40+ pieces cut on my MDF board all different sizes but almost all of them have tabs. Let’s say it is a hassle to try to clean the soot off.
I am cutting at 175 speed to try and minimize, but I am very close to not cutting all the way through.

What is the best way to save time and hassle ?

Also I might finally add small gaps so the pieces stay on the board and let my end customer detach them… then how to minimize soot altogether so my customer doesn’t get any.

If they’re small pieces, I’ve heard shaking them in a container of salt can help. It’s not going to help with pieces that are still attached to the board, though.

Soot is one of those things you pretty much have to deal with, when you use fire to cut stuff. :slight_smile:

That said, acrylic doesn’t produce soot, and other types of wood materials produce far less than MDF. Changing materials might help reduce it somewhat.

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“soot” is a relative term. Can you post a picture of what you’re seeing? I just want to be sure that you and I consider soot to be the same thing.

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