Me this week





A loop counter of say 100 that ends with a divide by zero, is how I remember it.


I think you left off “Run”? or am I misremembering? It’s been 30 years…


That explains the blinking cursor I’ve been staring at the last 6 months…


Yes and no, run is needed to, well, run, but is not part of the program.


haha. reminds me of this one, which you have probably already seen…


what does this mean


I’m pretty sure it means you’re the devil. Satan. El Diablo. The man downstairs. Luci. Please allow me to introduce myself…


but im a man with wealth and taste


(backs away slowly)


And this is how ‘The Cult of the Forge’ was formed.


Beings of light that could transform the ordinary into… the extraordinary.


It has been a long, long year. And you have been around.


Backlog of the Beast


The brightside is…maybe you’re just the neighbor of the beast :slight_smile:


It means you need to give @marmak3261 a call and then go lie down on a bed.


Looks at the mark on the back of @takitus neck don’t worry folks , it’s just 665, nothing to see here


The license plate on my Volvo 5 ton box truck was 666AN. It was a beast. People who knew me got a chuckle out of that.
The ‘sign’ and the first letters of my last name fit well when some inattentive individual endangered me and my load. That close-up number in their rearview - along with the airhorn gave fair warning of the beast behind the wheel.
“Pleased to meet you. Hope you guess my name”

Haven’t had a restraining order pulled on me since I retired.


I’d have cleared the road!:relaxed: