“Me & You” Heart Tree

Here’s the first finished piece of my “Me & You” heart tree. Got to up my glue game on the hearts. Too many shiny edges showing. But overall I dig it a lot. Gonna build the next version using wood from Ocooch Hardwoods to make it less expensive to make. I like the addition of the fallen heart leaves on the ground. Gives it more dimension and interest. Only glue used is to attach the hearts. The rest is pressure fit.

Size: ~8" tall + 12" wide
Materials: Proofgrade Thick Maple, Thick Walnut, Thick Clear Acrylic, and Medium Red Acrylic

Original tree started with a stock image I bought and edited it for details like branch thickness, added the heart the tree is growing out of at the bottom, created some new layers, combined others, etc.


I like the fallen leaves detail too. Very artistic! :grinning:


Nicely done! Congratulations on a great project.

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One caution on using hardwoods: those skinny curves will be exceptionally fragile across the grain. Plywood is your best bet here.

Nicely executed!


Yep! I used plywood here and I’ll be using plywood in the next version as well. The supplier has “hardwood” in the name, but they sell plywood as well.

I love this. Your creations are always amazing. :slight_smile:

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Yeah I wish Ocooch sold 1/8” plywood. 1/4” isn’t where I live.

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Yeah, I hear ya. The only 1/8" they have is Baltic Birch.

Is shipping from Boulter Plywood a lot more? Maybe you need to make a road trip back north…

i don’t know anything about this supplier, but they have 1/8 in plywood in some hardwood veneers.



Exceptionally pleasing to look at.

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The Me & You Heart Tree turned out great! You have such a great eye for the balance of design elements, coloring, and layers.

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Thank you!

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That is REALLY beautiful!
Multi-dimensional, wonderful coloring. Just a great piece all around!

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Came out beautifully. My “grammar OCD” however is biting it’s lip at the " me" first… :zipper_mouth_face:

But still love it !!!


Kenny Chesney says it’s Me & You…

…and Andy Grammer says it’s fine by him.

This is pretty amazing. Well done! If you’d be willing to sell your design files, let me know. I’d love to make one.

Haha! Yeah, I’m usually that guy too, but in this case and for this use, it doesn’t bother me either way.

Lovely! Heartfelt!

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the turtles would say that no matter how they toss the dice, it had to be.