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I may be overthinking this, but I need to make a circle that is 17.78 cm. around. How do I make that happen in glowforge? The measurements are in inches (height and width). When I convert 17.78 into inches it’s 7 inches, but that doesnt seem to work bc when I make a 7 inch circle it’s waaaay to big… So, what part of math am I leaving out that I need to do ? like I said I may be over thinking this. Any help is appreciated.

Circle calculator got you covered.

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Circumference of a circle is 2 * (pi) * r, that is: 2 times 3.1416 times the radius of the circle. So if your circumference is 7 inches, then

7 = 2*(3.1416) *r

Solve for r
Which works out to 1.114 inches is your circle’s radius,
Or 2*1.114= 2.228 inches is your circle’s diameter.

You can make a circle of this diameter in your Glowforge software if you have Premium.

Oops, @evansd2 beat me, I type too slow.


Thank you. I knew I was missing something :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much. I wasnt overthinking enough I guess lol

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Ok, so another question. How do I put this answer into the GF? Do I use the Width and Height bar at the bottom?

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Yep! Since it’s a circle, the width and height will be the same.


Ok great, thank you, again


Btw, did you know you can select metric measurements in the GF app? I work in mm 90% of the time.

So… 5.66 cm X & Y


Omg ! No ! I didn’t know that!

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