Medical project write up

Excited that the Rasperry Pi group wrote up one of my medical maker research projects. This is sort of the equivalent of making a jig, and definitely part of what I will use my GlowForge for. This is one of the very, very few things I have used Python for as in this instance the slow mechanical process allowed python to get work done, as usually I use C for machine vision (about 20x performance).


Fantastic! :smiley:


Very impressive work. Thanks for sharing.

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That is great

You do amazing work, and you’re restoring my faith in biotech/the medical profession generally.

I spent one year in the biotech industry, working on robots and assay development software. Before taking the job, I was so thrilled that I’d play a small part in a company that was doing great things - medical research, etc., making peoples’ lives better. Ah, youth. It took just a few months to realize that I’d entered a cutthroat industry, riddled with lawsuits, nepotism, cronyism, back-stabbing to “get ahead”. I had a supervisor tell me, “you’re doing great work, but you need more Face Time with the boss to get ahead.” Whoa. I was also told by one of the management folks that biotech does not want to find cures for things like diabetes or MS because they love chronic illnesses for which patients will need to be paying for meds for the rest of their lives. No shame at all on her face when she said it.

So, yeah, thanks for your work and your kindness and being a decent human being :+1:


I’ve always liked you but more and more. There is no telling how many times you have published in the “journals” but you still manage to get excited to have your stuff in a raspberry pi blog!


Yeah there is a big difference between biotech industry and academic research. They are hyper efficient but cutthroat while we are administratively incompetent but not bound by “results” like a corporate entity is. Luckily for me, my “job” is not grant funding dependent (it’s dependent on clinical revenue) but my ability to have fun is, so that lets me have fun without stressing (regularly grant funded researchers are more nose to the grindstone). My funding is a tad unusual (government, just not ours) with a large contract rather than grant, so as long as me and my team fulfill the contract milestones, we have time to explore…

Generally more excited! Journal articles share some of the bad things that @cynzu was pointing out about biotech, is unfortunately shared in the “literature industry”. Although my hopefully soon to be accepted medical 3D printing article will get me excited too, since it takes a very novel approach to combining several of my interests.