Medium Acrylic Customizable Stanley Cup Name Topper

Hi, I downloaded the Stanley cup name topper. It is supposed to be customizable but I can’t seem to be able to figure how to change the name. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Do you have the premium subscription which includes the text tool? If not, I believe you will need to create your own names outside of the Glowforge interface. I think that these files that say they are customizable should include instructions or a disclaimer for new users and users without the text tool.


I was wondering about that. I was hoping those without premiunm would at least be able to edit them. All you really need is to use your usual editor to just make the name and drag that directly into the design you are using.

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I do have premium and the way to change the name is using the text tool and try to figure out what font was used. I did figure out which font and removed the name that was on the design and replaced it with the new name. Thanks to everyone who helped with this.


Glad you got it to go!

With Premium Tools you should be able to double click on the name box and then retype your new word replacing the one that was there - no searching required.


I just tried double clicking on the name in the catalog design and was not given the option to change it. Also, the font did not come up when I tried to edit the name. Clearly this will be a point of frustration for newer users.


Ah, gotcha. I just went and looked at the design and whoever submitted didn’t use the text tool in the first place so of course it won’t work. C’est la vie.

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This is really frustrating to hear because I am the one who designed it. The design was submitted with editable text using Premium, but Glowforge uploaded my design and it was changed, as was numerous other designs. All of them were customizable, and when they get published, they are no longer customizable. I have been working with them for over a month to get them to fix it with no real response, because I am as frustrated as those who are trying to use it as it reflects poorly on the designer.


The designer DID create it using the text tool in Premium…that’s what’s really frustrating. Whatever process Glowforge is using to upload the finished designs to the catalog is seriously messing up files.

I was testing them for her once we became aware of the issue and there are strange problems with the majority of them…besides the text not being editable as it was designed to be, there were strange things like the centers of letters cutting out in separate layers from the outline of the text?!?

We really need a dedicated forum or customer support line just for the catalog designers in case issues like this happen. I have a bunch of customizable designs ready to submit but until they get this sorted out I don’t dare. It’s not fair to designers who are trying their best to get things fixed, and in the meantime getting poor reviews and frustrated customers (not to mention lost sales).


I can sure understand your frustration. Especially since this was a brand new ‘feature’ offered to designers to use…saying in the catalog that it was available to purchasers to use when submitting their files. Keep on them…hopefully, it will get sorted out.

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Try Unless they’ve changed personnel again, she was the designer go-to person, in charge.


That bites! I’m not sure who you’re working with, but I’ll echo @Xabbess’ suggestion to reach out to, or Looks like Rachel was part of the recent layoffs :-(. When I had a problem with one of my designs they had it fixed within a few days so hopefully it’ll be that simple for you!

Hmm, I notice your designs aren’t linked to here:

so clearly they’re at least aware it’s an issue! I wonder if you managed to submit under the wire of them releasing that feature so it defaulted to the old way :-/


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