Medium Cherry Plywood Faster Settings

Hey all!

I have a huge project to do guys. Lots of engraving on this one. With proof grade settings my time is around 3hours on SD graphics. I notice that this setting is only half speed. Has anyone played with trying to get similar quality with max speed and higher power?


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You know, testing was one of the biggest thrills I’ve had in the 5 years with this machine.
I run almost all my engraving at full speed, and if need be, adjust the power. Depending on the resolution that pleases you, LPI can make a big difference in the time needed.
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Definitely testing - but something to keep in mind. Higher speed does not automatically mean a faster engrave. If you’ve got a big design that fills most of the board it might, but if you’ve got little pieces in multiple places likely not. The higher speed means the head takes more room to slow down, so there’s a sweet spot for every design. If your design is a one-off it may not be worth spending the time figuring out that sweet spot.


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