Medium draft board replacement

is there a substitute or another product by glowforge that is similar to medium draft board?

MDF is similar to draftboard

I really like the MDF I got from Wooditis on Etsy–though I’ve only tried the 3mm, it’s really nice & clean (and targeted for laser cutting–can’t say much on the etching of it, though).

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Not sure how much help this is but… Here in Vegas we have a hardwood lumber supplier and they also have MDF sheets, it’s a whopping $7 a sheet (4’x8’). when cut properly that’s a measly $0.33 a panel. They also sell a lot of the hardwoods in sheets too. Not Ply but actual hardwood sheets. The Ply is obviously cheaper but depending on the project needs. Took forever to get information on this place because everyone said oh yeah HD is just over yonder… wasn’t until I found actual crafters to talk to locally that I was able to get info about this place.

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It’s not exactly the same as medium draft board, but I’ve recently been going through a whole bunch of 1/8" hardboard (HDF) I got for free from a neighbor and I love it for some things. You can also buy it in big sheets at home improvement stores for pretty cheap. Once you dial in the settings it cuts well and is very durable. The down side is that different manufacturers might use different ingredients to make it, so you will have to fiddle around with the settings to get it just right. Most of it is made with non-toxic stuff, but you might want to double check.


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