Medium Plywood Deluxe Dice Tower printed as a rhombus/parallelogram (Aura)

I printed this project from the Glowforge starter designs. All the pieces look good but the tall pieces that make up the tower all printed as a parallelogram rather than a rectangle.

I just got the Aura in January and I’m very much a beginner. Any ideas what I did wrong?

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Welcome to the community. Sorry you’re having issues! I don’t own an Aura so my experience is solely from reading other people’s posts here. That being said, it’s possible the head got caught up on something.
The first thing I’d check for is debris along the rails. Then, any chance whatever you were using to hold down your material could have hit the head?
It’s possible your case/rails is actually off square, but that would be a bigger deal, so focus on the simpler things first!