Meet Harrison Glowforge, Too

Well, right before Christmas my original machine decided to give up the ghost :man_facepalming: I was able to get some gifts made, but there are a couple of people who will be receiving January surprise presents! Not a big deal, and had I been staying at my own home for Christmas I actually would have been able to make some and just get them out a couple of days late.

The company was great at getting me a replacement, and by the time I got my first machine to FedEx, the new one showed up a day later (the day after I left to spend a week and a half with family back on the mainland USA :sweat_smile:) Luckily I have wonderful neighbors who signed for it while the friends who were house sitting had been away.

Anyway, I just wanted to share how good my experience was with the replacement, and how much smoother my setup was than when I first got one haha. I just got home last night and was able to set up the new temporary station to be able to do work from. What’s really nice is that my “expected” offset with this new machine is incredibly close to being spot on, whereas my old machine either didn’t receive the anticipated update, or it didn’t fix it by much. This company continually has done right by me, and as far as I’ve seen, they’ve done their best to right any wrongs that they can when it comes to issues for others as well. I live in Hawaii, as I’ve mentioned before, and so for this to arrive in the time that it did in the great condition (other than a small tear in the bottom of the box) is incredibly impressive. It seems that they rushed to get me the new one before Christmas and I’m very appreciative of that effort.

Here’s the original post I made for when I got my first forge:Meet Harrison Glowforge and after joking with my wife and friend, we decided that we should name the new one, “Harrison Glowforge, Too: The Forge Awakens”

This was done with the thin walnut veneer - I hadn’t seen anybody who had done this yet, so I also would like to share a simple way of placing it. Essentially, after having cut the words out, I figured the easiest way was to take a strip of my masking tape and adhere it while it was still laying in place. From there I placed some temporary tape guides on the face of forge so the placement would be even across the front and voila!

Thank you to those who work hard for this company and this community, and I can’t wait to begin cranking out new designs for this new year. Happy New Year’s!


Pretty awesome! :grinning:


Looks pretty snazzy!!

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Nice idea

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Masking tape alignment - I like it. Welcome, Harrison Glowforge Too!


Very happy to hear you received your replacement!

Great look for your new Glowforge!

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Nice look and a great theme font!

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