Melting of proofgrade tape

Hi there,

Anyone have any problems with PG melting. It’s made a big mess on the GF that i can’t get out. I was using the PF drafboard and it happened again with the maple play. It looks like hard goopy melted plastic. I’m having problems removing it. Any advice here? And wtf! *Yes i used the settings that uploaded along with the proofgrade and did not alter. Is my machine ruined??

Have cut and engraved hundreds of pieces of draftboard and PG plywood. My crumbtray show no residue of any type. Any way for you to upload a picture?

You might want to remove the head and examine it to make sure nothing has melted. Can’t think of anything else that might cause that. Did it cut normally?


Yup, i’ll upload a picture shortly. Yes it cut fine. I did a bunch of searching on this site and didn’t see anything else like this. I don’t know if it’s a defective machine, or what… I’m hoping that it’s nothing.

MDF (draftboard) and wood ply won’t melt, and the masking/frisking is paper-based, so not likely either. Of all the :proofgrade: materials, only acrylic could melt (afaik)…

A photo of the hard goopy mess would be critical for troubleshooting. As @rpegg mentioned, a photo of the bottom of the head unit would be useful, too.

Yeah, i’ll snap a pic as soon as i get home. Yes, it wasn’t the wood or MDF that melted. It tape on the proofgrade. I haven’t used the acrylic yet, nor any other materials except for cardboard, (which was a few weeks ago with no issue.) I have only used PG. I made a detailed aztec calendar with an hour of print time, total melted mush when i took it out. (again, pics will follow.)

I’m sorry to hear you ran into trouble. I’d like to take a look at some photos showing the residue on your crumb tray. If you’d like, you can send the photos to us at, or you can post them in this thread. Thank you in advance!

Ok now with pictures! I put in the piece of proofgrade i used, you can see the same cut lines in it as the melt that occured.

Flip your crumb tray around. That solid bit goes toward the rear of the machine.


Yeah, it has nothing to do with the PF material, you’ve cut into the plastic of your crumb tray I’m afraid. Like @scatterbrains said, turn it around and make sure the feet of the tray sit firmly into the little dimples in the bottom of the GF. The front lip of the tray will fit into the recessed area of the front door.


Thanks @scatterbrains and @kittski, that’s right.

@sarahnysales, if you’d like to replace your crumb tray, they are available in the shop under Spare Parts. I also recommend that you clean your Glowforge if you haven’t done so recently.