Memorial: Maximus


I lost my bestest buddy in the whole world in late December. I really struggled with how I was going to do something to remember him by, and initially did a couple of engravings on slate that I didn’t really like. I waited this long because it was very hard for me to think about, so I just kept putting it off. But here we are and I ended up ordering an 8x12 - curved MetalPrint from Bayphoto, and made this stand from Owyn’s walnut and :proofgrade: clear acrylic. Losing pets is the worst. :dog2: :cry:


Beautiful memorial.


Sorry for your loss. But a very nice tribute.


I’m so sorry. I’ll bet you do still miss him. Beautiful remembrance.


What a beautiful boy he was. I’m sure the love and joy he brought you during his life is far from quantifiable. Your tribute to him is amazing and truly worthy of his remembrance. I’m so sorry you are dealing with this loss, it is never easy. My two little dogs and I send you our love.


That “who’s my little buddy” just about made me cry. What a sweet memorial. I’m so sorry for your loss.


Beautiful memorial for your faithful friend. Really nice build with those stand-offs.


so so sorry. I can see he was the goodest of boyes.

brb got a best friend to go appreciate right now


What a beautiful memorial. Sorry for your loss.


Wonderful remembrance! I lost my boy to a Cane Toad so I share your sense of loss, but he will never leave your thoughts…


That is wonderful! I LOVE the creative use of the standoffs. Well done. Sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing.


So sorry for your loss … He was such a beautiful dog.