Memory game with (some of) the world's scripts


My first hour long project on the GF! Maybe I could have made it shorter, but I really liked the results from my tests, so ah well. At least I’d already learned the difference between SD and HD graphics!

I’m a type designer, and my husband a script engineer, so it follows we’re obsessed with fonts. We also are interested in other languages, especially ones that use a non-Latin or non-Roman script. I had made this memory game before on paper with a Silhouette cutter and laminated the cards so they would be more durable, but the lamination made such an impression you could see the letter from the other side if the light was right. :roll_eyes: Plus I couldn’t get smaller details on the cards.

Enter Glowforge! I love that I was able to get not only the baseline (helpful for knowing which way is up) as well as the name of the script and the letter or syllable it represents. And this time I chose letters that could ‘spell out’ the names of my family members! :blush: So happy with the results.


I always loved these memory games. I like using the different scripts as the images. Great idea.


Snappy! I like the use of the symbols as well! :grinning:


What does a script engineer do?


Cool twist on the ol’ memory game! Would be fun to play as an adult.


Very nice!


Beautiful! I can’t wait to see what other type-based projects you make, especially after you memorize all these letters.