Menard’s Oak Panels

I discovered 24”x24”, 1/4” oak plywood panels at Menards this weekend for $5.99 a sheet. I just wanted to share this material source for fellow forgers in the good old Midwest. A couple of coats of Rustoleum Ultra Cover clear coat shined it up nicely. I cut it at 120/full and engraved at 700/40 and 270 LPI.

With most proof grade materials sold out, this might help somebody complete a project they’re trying to get done for Christmas.

The Nebraska map shown here is on the material. Mini stadium is leftover PG maple.


Couple notes on the engraving. I did mask it with just cheap masking tape and it worked well. Had to go solid black on my uploaded image to get enough definition. The blue and red interstate signs looked terrible so I made die cut signs for those out of maple to glue over the mistakes.

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That stadium is really cool! Nice map.


Like your map!


Nice piece!

I just spray glossed some oak sheets yesterday… amazing what a simple coating does for the grain!


The map is beautiful! and cool on the resource

FYI, masking tape is WAY thicker than masking. It’s worth buying a roll of medium tack masking and getting used to using it.

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That’s a nice solution with the signs. Makes it stand out from just engraving.

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