Merging rectangle and a heart shapes,,,

Give both shapes a fill color, and remove the strokes. If it’s like AI, the joining happens with filled shapes.

I’ll try that as well.

Well, I finally figured out what I was doing wrong in this case. I convinced myself that the curve was a “stroke” and not an “object”, so I was select stroke to path instead of object to path. if you create a closed curve, and then a box, select both, then select object to path, then union…it all just works.



Well, the good news is…you do tend to remember the ones that you struggle for. :smile:


Sounds like you figured it out, but yeah your bottom rectangle was janky – it was two nested boxes in the same path, yielding a “donut” shape, of sorts. Gave the correct result, but that wasn’t what you wanted.

Like @jules said, setting fill to a color and turning stroke off showed the issue right away.

I figured something was amiss when I selected the rectangle and it had 19 nodes.

A straight 90 degree sharp corner rectangle path should have 4 nodes, a curved radius corner rectangle should have 8. You definitely did a stroke to path on that rectangle at some point.

I redrew the rectangle, deleted yours. Joined the nodes in the heart halves, and unioned, no problem.

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