Mermaid Tail Earrings

I’ve been wanting to make new styles of mermaid and maritime pieces. This mermaid / whale tail really came together in the fin shape. I might add a finishing Czech Crystal to the finding, as an accent


Very pretty. Nice choice of wood.

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These are really pretty. I like the wood a lot, but there are some very cool acrylics out there that would also be lovely.

Unsolicited advice: I’d try to find jump rings that match your earring hooks a bit better (or vice versa). The mismatched metal takes away from the elegance of the design. Also, a tip… you can gently twist the bottom hoop on the hooks so the jump rings are perpendicular and the tails lay flat.

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I dunno……

Kinda looks like a fishing lure attachment.

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Great advice

Thanks for the advice on the jump rings :slight_smile: I actually chose the pale blue jump ring as a test of the color against the design. I sometimes get tired of the findings fading into the background. I’d likely finish them with 2 if I was planning to sell these.


Oh, I’ve never seen blue jump rings. I thought they were silver!