Merry Christmas!

I’ve started a side business and have been using the GF to…you guessed it, rapid prototype certain elements (I’m so pleased with this machine)! And in spirit of the holidays I’m attaching a game I threw together tonight for everyone. The .svg is Glowforge ready, but you can speed up the print if you cut some of the rules/text out. You will need a sheet of 1/4’’ material and some 1/8’’ material. Don’t resize it or you will not be able to use it properly. Please enjoy! You can like and follow my company on facebook at Redirecting... or visit
. for games that WE are working on. I also do some traditional woodworking stuff and post it on Instagram, so if you’re interested you can follow me @kylechristianquinn . Thanks and happy gaming!!


The (1.8 MB)


Looks like fun, thanks for sharing the file! :smile:


@Jules You’re very welcome.

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Need to give this a try. Thanks for sharing your inspiration.

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Hope you like it!

Thank you! I’m looking forward to trying out the game!


This is very generous of you! I’m thinking this post should go in Free Laser Designs so people can find it easier. Is it okay with you if I move it there?


Absolutely. Didn’t think of it. Thank you.

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Wow, thank you so much! We will have to check it out!

Thanks, look forward to trying it out!

i made one my self but this one is amazing thank you for sharing