Metalic leaf / foil experiemnts

Was inspired by the recent metallic leaf video posted here and gave it a try. The stuff can be finicky and the glue troublesome, but it makes for a nice effect. Masking it was hit and miss and the foil was fragile on small areas and sometimes pulled away. I found no masking and then gentle cleaning with alcohol was easier. And it was interesting that the copper foil really had copper in it instead of a copper-colored knock off. It would barely engrave, if at all. (Notice the copper feathers in Lady Catrina’s hat that didn’t engrave.) The brass stuff was alos tougher to engrave than the silver, but better than the copper.

Used this stuff


Waiting for my order to arrive. Can’t wait to try it out!
Yours look great!!


Oh nice, let me know how it goes and what works best for you. I don’t know if it was user error, but I wasn’t thrilled with the glue I got. It wasn’t super strong and the masking was pulling it up at times.

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Digging this very much. Have just started playing with metal leaf/foil. But nothing on Glowforge as of yet.
Keep on keepin on!



Did you get the speedball adhesive?

Yes. It was very hit or miss for me, user error I’m sure.

Those images are perfect for this technique!

Gold leaf adhesive also comes in a spray version if you can take the piece outside for that step. Might work better.


You inspired me to order some. Nice work!!

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