Metallic cardstock business cards

I did these a while ago, finally looking at forum more today–some cool stuff out there w/ AL and wood veneer. I had some metallic cardstock & tried it & ordered more colors–the etching penetrates to the core, so pending the color you get, gives interesting results. I also included cutting out my “acoustic needle” guitar shape space needle head/neck, as had already done this larger scale from leather to sew onto a strap (years ago did this design as silk screen).

I’ve just ordered veneer “card stock”–it is more like card stock w/ thin veneer layer so can be run thru a printer, so different from the wood veneer card blanks others have tried… (or at least I can cut myself & not pay for someone else to have done that bit!).grey%20AN%20card


Very cool idea. Where did you find the stuff and what settings did you use if you don’t mind me asking

Hi Trevor,
I got the cardstock from (after comparing a few others via google search–highly recommend them. They also have the wood veneer card stock I just ordered).

The settings I used… checking my notes, it seems I picked thin natural leather, kept the focal height the same, but then varied speed & power to 450/60 for best cut and 1000/20 for the engraving. No masking was used.


Thanks! I’ll check out their site now. Will have to grab a few things to test out. I’ve only had my GF for 3 days and i excited to test out new stuff

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That’s pretty cool. On a side note, I’m always looking for nice guitar straps. I may need to purchase one or ten.

Thanks, and THANKS! I have a few on the site noted on this card, but about 30 on Also can do customization–but not too much w/ GF yet–so far just adding my logo onto the strap…

Here’s the card from the wood veneer card stock–the sheet is not as rigid as heavy card stock, but as a card is OK.