Methybinyl Silicone..?

I picked up some stamp material made by Silhouette, for a craft cutter, and I’m wondering if anyone knows if it’s laser safe. I’ve emailed the company, and they were very quick to respond with what it’s made of…methybinyl silicone rubber (no, I did not spell that wrong). I tried a google search and found nothing. Does anyone here know?
Thanks!! :slight_smile:

Are you sure that’s what they said and not methyl vinyl?

Just because you did not mess the spelling up, does not mean they did not,


I thought of that. Finding nothing in a search immediately made me wonder. If they did, they did twice. And if it is methyl vinyl, does anyone know if that is safe? I know vinyl is not, so I would assume no…but I am currently searching to find out on google.

Edited to add…for anyone else wondering, I don’t think it is. I was hoping that it wasn’t a spelling error, but I think it was, and I’m pretty sure it’s not safe. Oh well. I’d rather err on the side of safety this time.


Vinyl isn’t the problem in PVC, it is the Chlorine that is corrosive. So vinyl used in a chemical name is not a problem, only when used as a shortening of PVC in common language.


Right. Methylvinyl, from what I can see, doesn’t have the Chlorine component. The major mention i see is formaldehyde, which isn’t extremely uncommon.

What does the MSDS actually say?

Interesting! I thought what I found said that it did have chlorine, but I wasn’t confident in my findings. I don’t know what the MSDS says about this, as I couldn’t find it either.