Mic Check.... Lights, camera, action

If you have been following my page: fb.me/freshstartcustoms you may have see my cell phone video stabilization tool I made already, if you haven’t you’ll see it below here. Anyways I didn’t have a way to attach my “dead cat” (wind canceling directional) mic to it so I created a new mic stand attachment for it. Also added a stand attachment option on the bottom.

I am extremely happy with how this all came out, I made this completely from the ground up, just drew it out on paper measured everything on my phone and where the ports would go so I can charge, add headphones/ mic, get to power button, ect. This thing turned out AMAZING!


Wonderful design. Next up, a hood to see your screen better in bad light.


Nice work!

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Yea I was actually thinking some kind of stand it can click into to be more secured and tilt up and down or something too lol.

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Very clever design. I especially like the screw setup for the mic mount. That would work as a camera or flash mount on tripods and such as well, I’d imagine.

yea for sure, I was thinking the same thing, Should have just made one with two screws on to one for flash and one for mic both at same time lol