Micro Dice Tower (from catalog)

Hi Everyone! So, I hadn’t looked through the catalog in a bit to see what new designs had been added, and with me and my mini’s, I got SUPER excited for the Micro Dice Tower. Had no idea they made dice that tiny, but you can bet I jumped on to Amazon and ordered some!

Now, I know it said to use plywood, but I tried it on medium draft board. The DB is just a fraction thicker than ply, which makes the joints tighter, so it was extremely tight to get together. And once I got it together, the tower was not easy to remove and lay down in the tray (again, not the material it’s designed for). So, I thought to myself, “well, if I’m not going to be laying it down anyway, let’s make some permanent enhancements.”

So, I did that thing that I do, and…well…

I found a small gargoyle image I used for the tower front, and a small gate image for the front, engraved on medium DB then glued on. Colored the whole thing with with a gray marker, silver for the front and tower gates. The torches are a piece of toothpick with hot glue flames, orange sharpie, then super glued on. The glowing is just from the light refraction. Hot glue/paint for the vines and bushes (textured the bushes by stabbing the devil of out of 'em with a toothpick before I painted it).

This particular tower will be used for a new board game I’m making for kiddo. How do you practice spelling? Well, with a board game where you cast “spells” (ie: spelling a word correctly) to get through your encounters, of course! So that’s what’s in the hopper at the moment, can’t wait to get it done.

Thanks for stopping and taking a look, and until next creation, Happy Forging!


Love the enhancements you made to the catalog design, but especially love the creativity used to make a "spell"ing game to help you kiddo learn t spell and learn to love learning. :+1: :+1:


Your child is going to love it! And for more than just learning to spell! Your techniques are so much fun to see and I love when you share them!


Very cool!


Wow! You definitely leveled this up!


I read “enchantments” and couldn’t agree more! Nice work @odzicari.


Appreciate the walk thru.
Not always obvious what is going where.
Thought there was some 3D printing going on, but glue and paint? Sweet.
Came out great. Nothing shines like fixing an error that results in better than the origin.


That is genius! What a way to make learning fun.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: your kid is one lucky fellow. The hot glue vines are genius!


Hokey smokes, that’s so cool!


Awesome! Great way to get excited about spelling!