Micro-vibrations from cnc ok?

Hello, Trying to finalize my shop and I’m looking at building an enclosure for my cnc that is air-tight as far as dust and noise goes. but I wanted to physically set my GF on top of the enclosure, so that I could roll both around at the same time. The CNC would be at around 24" off the ground, the GF being above it and the enclosure at approx. 36" off the ground. I just want to make sure that vibrations from the CNC don’t impact the GF in any way possible. They would never be used at the same time, but I just want to use my in-feed/out-feed for both machines so that I can do some 8ft tiled pieces.


That’s a good question.

I wouldn’t chance it, myself. I’d take steps to isolate the GF and the CNC. Isolating the vibrations from the CNC will make it much quieter anyway.

Oh and if you haven’t done it yet, insulated exhaust ducting from the GF will cut noise way down. It’s amazing, it eats up all the high pitched tones, makes it so much more pleasant.


I have looked at Home Depot, but not much further for the insulated duct without any luck. Would you happen to have a link for it? Thanks!

I got mine at home depot…

This stuff:


It was a bit of a pain to find on the shelf, it comes in a box that wasn’t too obvious.

Too bad you’re not in ATL, I have a bunch left over, you could just come get it.

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Thank you!

You won’t regret it. It cuts the noise by a lot. I made sure the insulated jacket was firmly pushed up against the GF body.

Anyway enough off topic rambling :). Sorry for the threadjack.


That was my bad, not yours.

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