Microsoft PowerToys unit converter

I’ve been using MS PowerToys for a while. Mostly on my work computer for the Awake tool (never lets your computer sleep) and fancy zones, which lets me set up a virtual workspace that lets me snap windows to custom predefined segments of a large monitor.

but i discovered PowerToys run today. which lets you run lots of different things in a quick popup window. and one of them is unit converter. I need to do this fairly regularly for different things (including working on GF designs, sometimes).

So now, i can click alt-spacebar, the run tool will pop up, type “%% 3 in in mm” and it tells me 76.2mm, which can be copied to the pasteboard.

cool little utility. there are lots of cool things in powertoys if you’re a windows user. if you’re a power user at all, i would recommend taking a look at it.

Microsoft PowerToys | Microsoft Docs


I use siri (handsfree) or google (chrome bar) for that sort of thing all the time, but this is a nice alternative for when neither of those are viable.


more importantly, it’s just one of a whole bunch of potential useful tools in PowerToys. you should check the rest of them out.

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Ha! Flashback. I used a PowerToys plugin of sorts to have it notify me of new email and read the subject line, on Windows 95. :rofl: I think the email client was Eudora? Mindspring and my employer used it.

That lasted a month before it drove me nuts.

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yeah, i don’t think i could take that.

i used to have it way back then, too. but had stopped for a while. but the pandemic and working from home i ended up w/a 27" 4k monitor and really needed to segment it out. the utility that LG makes worked, but it was kinda annoying. so when i found fancy zones, i was all over that like white on rice.

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I haven’t played with power toys since I built this machine. Thanks for the reminder.

That will be handy as I am in the process of weening myself from imperial to go metric for designing in Fusion. I curse my indoctrination into the imperial system.


That was my email client of choice back in the day as well. I think it also read usenet. :slight_smile:

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back in those days, at least for work, i was stuck with lotus notes. i think home email was still inside compuserve (prior to me buying my personal domain, which is my name).

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PowerTools is how I get it to show me my art in .svg files instead of the icon of Inkscape. There are all sorts of neat things in there!


just in case anyone’s trying it out and wondering where the SVG preview is, here’s the screenshot. it’s under file explorer add-ons. There’s an entry for SVG preview (if you use preview panel) and one for SVG thumbnails.


I guess I’d argue the PowerToy syntax, “%% 3 in in mm” is kind of sub-optimal in a confusing and redundant way.

Windows Calculator has a large suite of conversions.

But I just type what I want in to the address bar of my browser like so:

All praise Google.



works that way, too. and that’s how i’ve always done it. but i don’t have to take my hands off the kbd or switch to another app to do the conversion in PTs.

neither is wrong, PTs is just another way.


I have a 43" monitor I use for work (from home) and use Fancy Zones for that. I think I have 9 defined snapping zones…but I still have windows layered on top of each other :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I really should close things down when I stop using them but I keep them open while a project is going on and only shut things off when I’m done done. Just like my desk used to look.


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