Mid-Engine Madness on Acrylic

I am kind of a gear head guy. I made a desk/wall/garage sign out of acrylic. I used thick Green Glass Acrylic to give the edges the glass look for the project. Deep 3D engrave option provided some nice depth on the piece. I backed it with Black acrylic to provide some excellent contrast on the engrave and it really makes the image pop!

I just thought I would share this one in the forum. It might spark some interest to do some of your own hobby or design images on acrylic. The Glowforge system is pretty amazing!! I find myself making all kinds of projects on tons of different mediums.




Very nice!

Cool project! I have to look for things like that to make for my shop! But the real question is. Do you have the new Corvette on order? :slight_smile: They are beautiful.


Very well done. :sunglasses:

I don’t have the new one on order. I agree they are beautiful design. I have the C7 generation Corvette Z06 and I am waiting on the Z06 version of the new C8
generation before jumping in the game. I’d suspect it to be launched in about a year. I use the current one for fun in High Performance Driving Events (HPDE), and the Z06 series is traditionally a more track capable platform.

That being said, Big fan of many Corvettes and anything with wheels!!


I tend to not like American vehicles, but the Corvette is a complete exception for me. Even without factoring in the lower cost, it can go toe to toe with many cars, even some “super” cars. We love spotting exotics, and self and kids frequently say "oh hey whats that ?- is it a…? Oh it’s a Corvette. Not really fair, because it seems like a letdown when it actually is not.


This is nice. I’ve been working on a file of my husband’s car for a while, but I have no luck with 3D engrave on any material, and side profile is not as sleek or identifiable unless I start adding small details. But you’re right, I’m now inspired to give it another shot…though…I probably have more important things to work on…like a front plate bracket that I don’t have to drill into my bumper…

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What kind of car is it? What’s the details on your files and images. Curious minds…?

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He has an Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio. So…from the side, to me it looks like a regular Giulia, or if it’s just a silhouette, I would probably mistake it for an M3 or something. My husband says it doesn’t look right without all the lines on it.

At this point in my file, I’ve just got the outline, marked the doors, windows, lights, and side vent. The quad symbol to me should be the only detail, but I guess I would change things depending on what I plan to use it for. This was just going to be a Christmas ornament, but a sign for the garage would be much cooler. Going to mess around with it some more. I’ve got other car side profiles I’ve already worked on; this is one of the harder ones, maybe because it’s more personal; we really love this car. I made a front profile of this car, I feel like that would probably be better, then you can see the Alfa grill, might be easier for me to do that instead.

We like playing around with cars. Really enjoy adding small touches to make it ours. This one I used the glowforge to make mudflap templates, then we added mudflaps to the front (still trying to figure out the rear, would need to 3D print brackets or something to attach them to). I also made a license plate frame, and my husband customized the shifter, so it lights up like the Italian flag. Red in park, white in regular, green in manual mode.

The previous quad we had needed more done to it, and it was really cool by the time FCA bought it back from us (a very long and tragic story of a red car that needed a new motor, but with a happy ending in the form of a much less needy blue car).

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Unfortunately, it’s not a very distinctive vehicle from the side, as you’ve admitted. A 3/4 angle looks good, though…


Wow! That’s a really nice car, and I love to see them when I am out and about. I have to lean towards the front end or the grill grill for wall art on this one, as it is the distinguishing signature mark of this car. Very cool. Thanks for sharing.


Your right, 3/4 angle is definitely better than the side I have. Wish I could make something more elegant, like @ellingtonmd’s corvette. Just doesn’t have the graceful lines to it. Like Mazda…I love the lines on Mazdas…I love Mazda in general.

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Yeah, I think I have to agree that front view or grill is what I’ll be making for the sign. If we had a 4C, the side profile would be nicer. He says that’s his next car.


So a spin on mine would be… the Alfa 3 Grills, signal lights, center stack crisp logo, and the two headlights as a reverse 3D engrave. I back a second layer of just black acrylic cutouts for the grills and clear for the headlights, and layer three would be blue like the car. Just a MEAN silhouette of the front of the car!!

Quadrifoglio in text on the bottom, flanked by two Quadrifoglio clovers on each side of the text. I have Alfa in my head now. :slight_smile: The clovers will bring the uniqueness of the car!


My current toy is slightly more distinctive, but the design was still heavily stylized with features it doesn’t have, and missing some it does…


As a Giulia driver (TI Sport w/carbon fiber package) I am here for every minute of this post :grinning: :+1:t5:

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Wow…trying to picture it now. I’m going to see what I can do, I’ve got all the colors. Something more to ponder. Thanks!

Is this a Tesla? My son says it’s a Tesla. He’s ten, but he’s usually right when it comes to cars. I was thinking something else, but I know I was totally wrong because from seeing the windows, it’s definitely a four-door. :rofl: My car knowledge is pretty much based on my current car obsessions, so cars outside of that crazy don’t get much attention. Right now, I really want the new Toyota 86…they are everywhere right now, but I really love the Hakone edition green.

Those are nice too. One of the loaner cars in my tragic red car story was a Ti, not with carbon fiber though…a lot of red…Red with red interior…I really like the gray wood they use on the inside though, it’s very nice. Does yours have carbon fiber instead of the wood? I also like the moonroof, it was so huge.

Yes, it has carbon vs. wood inside, I had one before this that had a light wood on the interior (it was a Lusso) but with three kids I had to come to my senses. On another note, I would love to work on an acrylic project with an Alfa outline too, but I am brand spankin’ new with my Glowforge, so I have to stalk these forums to learn.

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