Mid-project power outage

just lost power 2 hours into a 2 1/2 hour project… is there a way to tell my Forge to pickup close to where it left off pre-outage? with the quick search i just ran, it doesn’t look like it, but hoping there is a chance…

Not really. :frowning:

If an engrave (which I’m assuming from the job length) - nope, almost impossible :frowning:

Do yourself a favor and protect your $$$$ investment. Spend the $170USD on a battery backup surge protector. I personally have an APC Back-UPS Pro 1500VA http://a.co/dD1x2UN

It’s enough to keep the GF running for an estimated 20+ minutes (at a minimum) during cutting. I’ve yet to try a run-down test to see how long it actually runs. Upside is that the APC Back-UPS comes with electronics insurance covering what you’ve got plugged into it in the event that something happens and it doesn’t do its job as a surge protector. Another upside is “Event Monitoring” You can actually track and see how many times it kicks in to keep the voltage in the sweet spot of 120v in the event of a brown-out/voltage spike.


For what it’s worth I actually have three of these I was that impressed with them. One each for my desktop pc, 3d printer, and GlowForge.

yes, as i was was looking for my answer, i saw a few posts about a UPS. that will be in the shopping cart in the very near future. this particular one was just a flicker, but enough to shut down the Forge to have to run the engrave again.
on the plus side, the engrave where the PG QR code is, wont look so different.

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While any upc may work:

And apparently these are expensive.

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